How to Generate a Ton of Traffic from Pinterest


How to Generate a Ton of Traffic from PinterestMany people already see Pinterest as a place for photographers and those in the graphic industry. To some people also, if you don’t run a physical business or perhaps have no physical products, Pinterest is not a good idea. However, these conceptions can’t be further from a big lie. The ideal reason behind the use of Pinterest is to capture as much attention as possible with images and channel them towards ones business. Hence it doesn’t really matter what your business is, which niche you operate in or whether you sell a product or a service, Pinterest is a fertile platform to scout for a ton of site visitors and potential customers. But just like every other social web, it requires your attention and won’t really deliver the ‘wow’ result if you don’t do the right thing. So to help set your foot on the right path towards using Pinterest profitably, here are a few things I have been doing and believe will be of some help to you.

Pin All Images from Your Blog Posts

There is virtually nobody or business on the cyber space without a blog. Businesses use blogs to provide value to current and potential customers while bloggers bury themselves in providing enormous value for their audience. Hence every time you make a post on your blog, be sure to pin the image. Every image on your account on Pinterest is linked back to your blog and hence will drive visitors to show them what value you have in store for them on the image source. This continues to fetch visitors for my software review blog where I share tips and coupons of products like Mixbook, Pinnacle Studio and other digital products.

Connect With Other Influential Businesses

If you become an island on Pinterest, your followers will easily identify you as a hungry marketer and the truth is, you may not be able to reach out to even more audience that way. Despite what your business might be, there is likely a similar business out there that you can follow. This will not only expose you to the current trends in your industry but also gain your business more exposure.

Don’t Ignore Your Followers

Nothing irritates most than being ignored. Don’t just focus on pinning as much images as possible; take time to appreciate your followers for checking them out or leaving a comment on them. Just a mere statement like “we are glad you checked us out,” will go a long way in showing the person how much your business is dedicated to its customers and audience. On the other hand, ignoring their comments and activities on your board will simply make them lose interest in you and your business.

Pinterest Is Not For Pictures Alone

Think pictures are the only item that can be pinned on Pinterest? I understand it can be easy to believe this owing to the fact that more than 60% of the pins on people’s boards are pictures. But that doesn’t mean you can’t pin videos as well. You can create introductory videos to your business, how to videos for your followers or any other video you think might be of some value to your social audience. As a rule of the thumb, just like your pictures, make sure that every video on your pinboards links back to your main website to generate as much traffic as possible.

Pinterest is currently one of the hottest social webs that does not only provide opportunities for personal growth and enrichment, but creates an avenue that businesses can explore to reach more audience and potential customers.

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  1. Well I have been hearing about it alot now I think I should try making sales of my business with the help of this..

  2. putting videos in for your company promotion of brands and this time social media platform is going to become very good in demand.

  3. Hi Steve,
    Well, I think the same that with the introduction of Pinterest, it has really gained a lot of importance among people and specially with female users as most of the pins are more related with fashion. Secondly, I think connecting with other social businesses by following their pins are also a great idea to get more traffic from Pinterest. Thirdly, I think you should update your pin board with related pins and should update it almost at a regular interval. Thanks for the share!!

  4. Also we should use keyword by adding # with them. And we should have to be active every time on pinterest.

  5. Hi Steven,
    Thanks for the great tips. I have not really started on a Pinterest strategy. This post got me thinking that it should be about time.

    I could not help but notice that this post contains no internal or external links. That’s not so good for SEO and reader engagement.

    There is this Pinterest plugin that automatically adds a pin button on images. You may want to consider linking to that from the “Pin All Images from Your Blog Posts” heading.

  6. Yes, I agree with that too. You can use all those images from your blog and pin it. I know there are bunch of people there that are interested on you. If you have info graphics, pin in too, (you know I love infographics so much).

  7. Hi Steven!Pinterest helps me in my business.Social media is also good and Google hangouts.

  8. I have recently started a photoblog and pinterest is its sole source of traffic. It is bringing immense amount of traffic and the visitors are also staying on the website for more than 1 minute. I think I can bring more traffic from it by using it more and more and by building authority.

    Keep sharing the good work.


    • Thanks for stopping by Zara. You must be a genius to have thought of combining a photoblog with Pinterest :) Visitors will simply be navigating to a fresh album by clicking to your blog. Awesome!

  9. Using the hash tag (#) before keywords and tags is also very very important!

  10. Steven,

    Pinterest is a great tool for pull traffic. I’ve seen images shared from one blog to another blog that were from Pinterest. This sharing increases a bloggers network substantially.

  11. Sure thing that Pinterest is not just for pictures alone., we should make full use of it. The post does some help for me, thanks for sharing!

  12. Hi Steven,

    Yes – I do agree with you. How many people tend to use Pinterest without utilizing the text accompanied with the view of the image? Why not use this, Share information, Make suggestions, Share links etc. Make use of the full potential of Pinterest as to get the full potential value out of the services they offer and the target market you are marketing and or exposing your content to.

  13. this is my first read related to pinterest i will definitely implement the strategies in my blog to for gaining momentum

  14. i never tried pin interest yet but seems that i am missing a lot
    i gotta start playing with it

  15. Social media are always a boon for bloggers . Bloggers used social media like a key to success. And now pintrest is rocking. These are really great tips for driving a huge amount of traffic to our blog using pintrest. Actually i am using some of these tips and its really helpful.Thanks author for such a great tips

  16. I have been using PinInterest for quite a while now and I must admit that it has helped a lot in generating more traffic to my site. It is very good tool.

  17. We have only just started looking into Pinterest, it hadn’t been obvious to me before that there was potential in gaining so many more visitors. I like the idea of pinning videos aswell! I think without videos, blogs are starting to look old!

  18. Hi,

    Thank you for sharing such an awesome article with. I have seen that most of the users on Pinterest are liking the pictures who are nude or have some stupidity in it !
    Can you please tell me how can we find the specific people who are interested in some good pictures ?

  19. Glad I stumbled upon this post, I’ve been thinking about starting a board on Pinterest, I’ve been pondering on the fact that people can’t see you or your product/services, all they have to go on are words on a computer screen…..not much eh!

  20. Great share . awesome tips to drive traffic from Pinterest , very useful information
    thanks a lot for sharing these useful tips.

  21. Personally I like Pinterest and it will be interesting to see where it goes from here, and whether it expands away from it’s current female/US concentration of users.

  22. So far, I have not yet realized what peoples’ fascination with Pinterest is. Is it basically Facebook with only pictures instead of text status messages?

  23. Hi is pinterest going to open up to everyone in the end do you think. Or do you think it is going to try to stay invite only and for the business world mainly. I haven’t even been onit yet. But have just been looking at graphics and pictures for my blog. I wasn’t going to try videos yet. I was going to see how pictures changed my load time first. But if you can put videos as well on pinterest and connect everything together sounds great.

    For making me take a closer look thanks lee

  24. It’s amazing how Pinterest took the social media world by storm recently, even though they’ve been around for awhile. Every Internet marketing guru is using it to boost their visibility and build their email lists. And it’s become THE place to be if you’re marketing to women.

  25. A friend of my on an Internet Marketing forum suggested that I invited influencers to add new pins to the board. I tried and this tactic works very well for me ;)

  26. Sure thing that Pinterest is not just for pictures alone., we should make full use of it. The post does some help for me, thanks for sharing!

  27. Steven,
    I’ve never used pinterest as a blogger. But after reading this article i’ll put some effort towards pinterest and inform you about the result

  28. hello there, i dropped here a comment to show my gratitude to this post. this post has helped me get a lot of traffic from pinterest. thanks for writing this article

  29. Hi,

    Great work you have done Steven, now a days many people follow pinterest and the way you share the most important point how to generate ton of traffic from pinterest to your blog is great well experiences you are. keep it and and share more.


  30. I would surely apply them to drive traffic from Pinterest. Keep it up !

  31. sumit kumar says:

    I agreed with you, Pinterest is also one of the social site like as facebook and twitter and followers engage with your website.

  32. This post went in depth. I really ought to take pinterest seriously after reading this post.
    Thanks for sharing those insights.

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