How to Market Yourself As An Internet Entrepreneur


How to Market Yourself As An Internet Entrepreneur  Can you imagine a world without internet? It’s a vast source of endless information, ideas, and opportunity. We can use it to help others as well as better our own situation.

If you’re looking for a way to spread the word, market your brand, and increase profits, than consider using the internet to enhance your business ventures.

Go Live

Not only do you need a professional business card but you also need an online presence. Get your website up and running with a sleek, professional look. Hire a website designer who can set up a newsletter system, and online checkout. With the right widgets, content, and graphic art your site should be bold, engaging, and easily accessible.

If you like to be in control then take advantage of one of the many free design sites like Blogger, WordPress, or TypePad. Utilize the tutorials, and be aware of system updates. You want to achieve a regular client base and attract new people every day with high-quality content.

Make the Most of Social Media

Not only should you know how to use major social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, you need to know when to use them. Join a forum that has the same interests as you. Drum up the right business leads on Twitter by chatting with your potential customers, using only 140 characters, and don’t forget to include a link. Learn how to use hashtags and make the most of your keywords.

You can also set up a Facebook page to describe your business and why people should choose to follow you. Alternate your posts with pictures, quotes you like, or upcoming sales events. The trick is to have others share what you’ve added. You want to get the word out at the right time of day too, which is usually between 1pm-4pm on weekdays. Also, over posting is not good. This could actually kill business, so don’t overdo it.

The Power of Perks

What are you willing to do for your customers? What do you have to offer? It’s time to think about giveaways, incentives, and bonuses. This can help your business because of word of mouth. You can easily advertise a giveaway on your website. Have people comment about something they like on your website in order to qualify to win something you are offering.

You can also improve customer relations online with monthly coupons, buy one get one free offers, or even a fundraiser. Address concerns that your customers have and offer to improve any issues. Always look for ways to improve on what you do through your customer reviews.

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Steven Wendt is the Internet Marketing Manager at UV Cards, a producer of silk and foil business cards. He enjoys providing tips about networking and creating professional business cards.

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  1. Hi Steven,
    Well making the most use of social media is definitely the best idea. This is the first thing one should keep in mind for the best marketing performance. Thanks for the share!! All the tips are just great.

  2. Always use social media for promoting our products.Now a days pinterest and flikr providing more traffic to website.find our own ways to market.Learn from our mistake and workhard.
    Entrepreneurs Always Rockzzz ..Cheers :)

  3. Hi Steven,

    many people are either good in their offline brick-and-mortar business or they’re trying to build a mere online business. Only a few understand to combine these two worlds that are actually just two different ways of communicating with people that complement each other.

    That’s why I second you on your advice to also get an online presence and to make the most of social media.

    Thanks for sharing your insights.



  4. Nice info which will be prove so useful for all blogger and online marketers. That kind of activities also make very good and nice way to search our destination.

  5. Can we call
    Internet + Entrepreneurs = Intrepreneurs?

    My favorite method is using social media :) It’s great, connecting and easy to participating the discussion on social networks.

  6. The power of the perk. Doing give aways has changes my business. I am a service provider and it does wonders for my business to give my clients gifts. I even hold contests to give away free services and it makes business roll.

    Thanks Steven!

  7. I think that social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook is the best way to getting the targeted traffic for our business. it enable you to connect with friends, family, colleagues, fans and partners from a single screen and share our thoughts, ideas and promote business.

  8. Hello Dear

    nice post i can’t imaging world without internet because internet is necessary for me yes you are right this can help your business thanks for the sharing me

    Thanks & regards

  9. Gurwinder says:

    Your blog design is really very good. And so is this wonderful post. Thanks for sharing it.

  10. Having an online presence where people look what your business has to offer and keep visiting your site more often can be wonderful for your business. Social networking sites are great to popularize your business and get massive audience:)Nice Post.

  11. This is a great post. My favorite of those tips is that people should really use social media strategically when they’re trying to build a successful business.

  12. Internet is indeed very helpful to promote ones products and services. By maximizing the benefits of internet, especially social media, a business will surely get far.

  13. hello STEVENKWENDT, i agree with all of your points that you mentioned in this post, thank you for sharing this.

  14. hey steven..its realy very informative article.. i m also trying online business and i need some help.. i m hoping for some tips from ur side..thnks for this useful article.

  15. Shandi Tan says:

    Great post Steve. You’ve basically covered everything a beginning brand should do. However, I would have to disagree with your point on having a website.

    If I’m honest, anybody who can roll over a mouse and has a credit card can make a website. The barriers to entry have become ridiculously low – what businesses and brands need now is the ability to rank high up on Google’s first page.

    Just my two cents, :)

  16. Thanks for sharing tips. Idea of social media is useful and can derive traffic and ranking. It can convert readers into customer.

  17. Sony Goraya says:

    waoo man nice tips dude thanks a lot for sharing this :)

  18. Would be interested to know your thoughts on places like LinkedIn with regards to building a profile as an internet marketer.

    I also find some of the most knowledgable people live in niche forums.

  19. Social medias are currently the place where there is potential traffic. So, there is no doubt that our blog would receive traffic if we are active on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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