Is Your Blog Boring Your Audience to Extinction?


Is Your Blog Boring Your Audience to Extinction?Have you ever said anything original?

Do readers of your blog move from one post to the other, thanking God for your blog or is your blog always a trigger for the browser “x” button?

In other words, are you good or just plain old boring?

Many bloggers get excited about aesthetics and end up with a blog that is all color and no content. If that is the story of your blog, we have to agree first of all that you must do all that is humanly possible to save your visitors from the monotony of that dreary.

Let’s rescue you and your blog!

We’ll Begin with Your Numbers

If your blog is boring, your numbers will tell you. Google Analytics has a bounce rate metric that can help you know how long people are staying on your site and also on individual posts.

Try different things to see what can improve reader retention.

You could change your writing style, the format of your titles and even the composition of your post – do not assume you know what works, experiment. The only thing that works is what brings your bounce rate down.

Another set of numbers that can tell you more about what your readers think about your blog are your RSS and email subscription count. Are more and more persons subscribing or is it all coming to a stand-still?

If the later is the case, then you can be sure that your blog is boring your readers to death.

Keep Your Ears to the Ground

Are you getting much traffic abut little conversion? In other words, are your readers taking the actions you want them to take?

If you write what you feel is your best and nobody comments or shares your post, then it means something is wrong.

It is important to admit your blog is failing and seek help at that point instead of smartly insisting that all is well. While it is important to have a sense of direction for your blog, it is also as important to be flexible.

Keep your ears to the ground and hear what people are saying – or not saying.

If your top commenters are leaving in droves, could it be they no longer find your content inspiring?

Why not send a personalized email to them and ask them for honest feedback to help you restructure your blog? If you let them know they are free to tell you as it is and that their feedback would not hurt your feelings, they are more inclined to be honest with you.

What Does Your Audience Say You Are?

A look across successful posts on your blog is important feedback.

What kinds of posts get the most traction with your audience?  This is data that is already seated there in front of you, especially if you have a popular posts plugin installed.

Are you publishing more of what your audience love?

What topics do your readers prefer to read about on your blog?

This is a question your most regular readers would have to think about before replying, but ironically, the answer already lies before you.

If you think your blog is about content marketing, but most of your email list building posts seem to be resonating well with your audience, you either need to figure out how to bring a content marketing audience to your blog or write more on email list building that is already converting your audience.

Do Something Different

Your boring blog may be as a result of your settling into a rut.

When last did you do something different, something challenging?

Have you done a video post, or do you allow limiting beliefs to stop you from considering that content format?

Stretch yourself away from your comfort zone. In doing that, you may want to pretend you are someone else. Write as that blogger you have always admired and see the impact it has on your site stats.

Review the content style of the more successful blogs in your niche and see if there is something you happen to be missing.

Are they publishing more interviews?

Do they do weekly roundups?

Act as if your next content were for their blog and watch how it impacts your results.

It may also be possible that you are treading too carefully, too scared to offer an opinion that may annoy some of your readers. The truth however is, controversy sells and can quickly turn a quite blog into a busy one.

While you do not have to make a habit out of it, it pays to say something radical from time to time. Those are the kinds of posts that get people talking and publishing full post responses that link to your blog post (Backlinks, somebody?).

Do it Now

Are you nodding your head and saying how great this post is?

Chances are you are, and you may have decided to bookmark and share it to your audience. For that, I say thank you for helping my post succeed.

However, bookmarking and sharing this post will not help your blog become a more interesting place if you do not put the suggestions here to good use.

Do not consider postponing the evil day. ;)

Start work now on trying to improve your blog and your audience will love you for it!

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  1. Hello Yeremi,
    Well, I think it all depends on the content for your blog to be interesting to your visitors. Being a writer, you need to update your blog with interesting contents which would surely grab the attention of your visitors towards your content. Thanks for the share!!

  2. the post gives a clear description about why one is failing to grab sufficient traffic and another one is having a lot of visitors. a mere changes can bring about a noticeable change in the population that are visiting our blog and also can improve the time for which they stay on our web page….
    web designing company

    • Hi Anvi,
      Very true, small changes can very often bring in noticeable results in the way our readers engage with our content.

      That is why it is important to measure results of our content marketing to determine what is converting.

      Thanks for the comment!

  3. hey admin..!
    I am new in blogging line so m spending time learning and researching..
    I love the way you write and presents ua posts…
    I need a lot of help regarding my blog..can u..?
    waiting for ua feedback and reply..

  4. Nice write Yeremi Akpan
    when i talked with some of my audience they always blamed for lengthy article, but what i can do these days due to google panda more words can achieve good ranks…nice article keep sharing..

  5. I am also facing some of these issues and I guess its time I bring some changes on. Thanks for sharing this and changing my outlook. I was hoping that if I maintained this, things would get better but it does not seem to work yet.

  6. Yeremi Akpan !! yes how boring na , it irritates me to the end to read some blogs because they lack life, personalities, passiona, and firing…. :P

  7. Great post. Content is the king without doubt. But it is coming up with the quality content that can be the issue. If your open minded and full of ideas then you can be blog king or queen!

  8. i agree with you, this post has given lot of information to me and i learned an important points from this post, thanks for sharing.

  9. Hey Yeremi, Wonderful started with killer post title. It is true we need to take care of this situation. We often from our audience and because of our carelessness, we drive them away. When we choose to stay at our safe zone without prioritizing our reader interest, we make blunder by boring them to death.

  10. A really nice atricle. A through breakdown of the costs involved in blogging is very useful.This is a brilliant post and interesting. I have recently started a blog in its really helpful to me.Now ill start making changes so it will would look bit interesting.Thanks a lot for sharing it.Really helpful

  11. Hello Yeremi, nice post on how to avoid boring our audience. Its our readers that make or break the fate of our blogs and we need to take care of their interest too.
    And hey, reviewing writing style of successful bloggers is a very good idea. :)
    Thanks a lot for sharing
    Regards – Koj

  12. Hi, good post!

    I usually get around 20% of people return per day, is that good?

    Thanks! Keep up the great work!

  13. You’re definitely right about how changing writing style can bring the bounce rate down. It is hard at first to know who your readers are and what they like so experimenting with lots of different styles at first is the only way to really find out.

  14. I am learning blogging all the time. All information are very important for me and so I’m grateful for this post. Thx

  15. bookmarking and sharing this post will not help your blog become a more interesting place if you do not put the suggestions here to good use.

    You just hit the nail on the head with this line. I am going to write a post about this soon as this is the biggest problem with bloggers(and internet users as well). We read a lot. In fact, I am sure we read 50-60 pages on average per day but we do not implement.

    I have been focusing on implementation these days and it is working well.

    Great post, just tweeted. :)

  16. It is really important to know what your audience want.

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