Weekly Roundup: 5 Useful Links That Will Improve Your Online Business


We are all about sharing the love with our readers and having fun. Here is my first “Weekly Roundup” post. Feel free to read and enjoy some of these great posts we have found this week.

Here are some of the best articles I have read, shared, retweeted on @BlogPreneurs, and read in RSS subscriptions this week.

If you want to get your arti­cles and site seen by us, sim­ply com­ment around the com­mu­nity or Tweet. We will most def­i­nitely include it in the next Roundup.

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  1. Hi Devesh, I enjoyed reading from your shared resources on your weekly roundup. Especially where to get guest post from other popular blog sites. BTW, I just stumbled on your site and it seems interesting.

  2. i really like your guest posting 101 articles and blogging for startups i think it’s best for anyone who are new in this market.

  3. I’ve been reading your post many times and I have learned so much by reading your blog. It always amazes me how much there is to learn. It is also mind boggling how fast things change.

  4. Melly Schug says:

    Hi Devesh,
    I’ve checked the “600+ Places to Share Your Content and Get MORE Traffic”
    and it was a great list… I really appreciate that.
    It’s nice to see that link here.

  5. Hello Dear
    i read your article i really enjoyed your post and guest blogging its very useful for all blogger thanks for the sharing me

    Thanks & Regards

  6. Hey Dev,

    Glad to see my post with other great resources… I’ll be checking them out soon.. Thanks for including ‘guest blogging 101 series’ here with your readers :)

    Have a great journey pal!

  7. Good links for new resources in the internet marketing sphere. It’s a long list to get through, but I appreciate having everything in one place.

  8. I am appreciate with your post with other great resources,guest blogging is really very useful for all blogger, thanks for the sharing .

  9. In my opinion, Its Amazing Articles ! I have fully enjoyed with your article. Guest blogging its very useful for all blogger. Really it is grateful and very useful.well thanks to tell about it.

  10. Wow, the 600+ places to share your content is an awesome resource. I see links and opportunities everywhere. Thanks for sharing useful resources, Devesh.

  11. Hello Devesh , all the 5 links which you provided in the above article is really seems to be very useful for any online business. I will follow these links as it can help me too

  12. Great article Mr. President. I have started a new blog. Hope your tips and tricks will too work for my blog fine.

  13. Hi revesh in your weekly round up your link to blogging start ups on pro blogger was very helpful. I am trying to develop my blog. There were some great points on there . Especially for me as being new to this. And I want it to be a success.

    Look forward towards the next round up thanks lee

  14. Thank you for this read, I have read a lot of your posts, and I always learn something new. I love the link on how to take your blog to the next level, because this is what I am trying to do at the moment. I want to be able to get more traffic so I can increase the success of my online business.

  15. Hi Devesh,

    Thanks for sharing the links. Great wrap up.

  16. Hi Devesh, pretty good resource you have on your list. Its a great start for your first weekly round.

  17. Hey Devesh,

    Thanks for the post. I am going to use the first link. 600 place to share my content. I like the list so far and can’t wait to dive in and put it to use.

    Thanks for sharing.

  18. Great article and very good helpful information I like it I am a blogger so I can imagine that how much effort did you put in this, thanks buddy keep up the good work

  19. Thanks for sharing these great resources, Devesh. Will surely check these out.

  20. Thanks for the 600+ Places to Share Your Content and Get MORE Traffic link you have provided. Great write-up you did!

  21. Thanks Devesh,

    I can assure you I will be using these great tips. The first link is worth more than gold in the SEO world.

  22. Hi,
    You have provided great resources that are give us a huge traffic for our website. Absolutely guest blogging is really very useful for all blogger, It advertise our products and services in front of customers and readers. It provide the valuable link to your site. thanks for the sharing .
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  23. Hi,

    I am totally love it with your article,it is very useful for the beginners and specialy for me.
    Actually i am new in blogging and i really want this type of useful information for my new blogs.
    Thanks for the great post!

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