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Welcome to the BlogPreneurs CommunityThis is our first post on BlogPreneurs blog, it’s the post that exists by defaults after setting up a new WordPress installation, so we have edited this post to be our real first post here.

3 years ago I launched my first blog with zero experience and today I’m excited to announce the launch of BlogPreneurs.

Its aim is to be a resource center for bloggers & entrepreneurs of all ages and experience, and will cover the following topics – Social media marketing, General blogging, Internet Marketing, SEO, Business Blogging and a bit of WordPress. As well as tips and advice, BlogPreneurs will also offer exclusive offers on WordPress Themes, plugins and other business products.

Why Did I Start This Blog

With this blog my aim is simple – to write high quality and better content than anyone else in my niche. I know it’s easier said then done, but believe me I will do everything that I can do to make this a best blog for bloggers & entrepreneurs.

I will be sharing the strategies and techniques that I’ve used while building Technshare, Blokube and WordPress Kube.

Here are few things that you should know about BlogPreneurs

  • It’s going to be a multi-authors blog like ProBlogger & FamousBloggers
  • There won’t be any advertisements or banner ads or text links
  • We’re running on Genesis Theme Framework

Have a question? Just want to say hi? Leave a comment and I’ll get back to you asap!!

About Devesh

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  1. I have no doubt you’ll succeed with this blog too Dev.

    You continue to impress me at such a young age. Your knowledge of blogging exceeds so many others so I can’t wait to hear all about what you’ll be sharing here on your new blog. We’ll all continue to learn from you.

    Congratulations on BlogPreneurs!


    • Hi Adrienne,

      I’m so glad to see you here. You’ve been doing such a fantastic work on your blog, that whenever I see a new post I get excited.

      One thing that I’ve learned from you is how you engage with your audience – leaving insightful comments / replies. And how could I forget the awesomeness that you’ve been spreading through your videos?

      Thanks for the awesome comment, Adri. Keep up the rocking work on your blog.


  2. First comment on a brand new project. Good to go Devesh. I wish you all the best and success on your new blogging endeavor.

    • So glad to see you here. I hope everything is going well with you.

      I am happy that you made the decision of taking care of your family. You know – above everything else, family is the number one priority.

      I wish you all the best in life, Lye. And of course I’d love to see you getting back into the blogging world.

      Have a great weekend, bud.


  3. Well I always love your blog since you started TechNshare and I love your unique idea to run blogs and also most interesting things is your design work which is best for me since you TechNshare as well as WpKube!

    I wish best luck for your new blog and will be a part of your blog as readers! I am sure this blog will add content regularly as I always wait for quality content from you specially design and SEO related ones!

    • Hi Rohit,

      Glad you liked the design work of my blogs. Thanks for the nice words, man. I really appreciate your support.

      Have a great weekend, bro !!

  4. And I’m really honored that you added me to Blog Preneurs group on Facebook.

    • You deserve it, Abhi. You’re doing good work with your blog and guest posts.

      I’ve some big things planned for BlogPreneurs group :P.

      Thanks for stopping by.


      • Thank you for this appreciation, Devesh!

        It means a lot to me. I’m also going to start designing service. I hope you did see my Nature banner on my blog. :)

        Thank once again.

        • Your welcome, Abhi.

          Glad to see you’re diversifying the income sources and not just relying on 1-2 methods.

          Yes, I did saw your design work and it was good. To be quiet honest with you, it wasn’t something people would say awesome, but it was good. I’d suggest you spend A LOT of time designing free logos / banners and submit them to the design communities like Foorst & Dribble.

          PS. Your facebook avatar looks much nicer than the current gravatar ;).

          Thanks for stopping by, Abhi. Enjoy your rest of the weekend.


          • Hey Dev,

            Yeah, I can understand, they were just good. I’m practicing. What if I make a free banner for Blog Preneurs. LOL! I will try. Keep it if you like it or just trash it if you don’t. :)

  5. Tung Tran says:

    Hi there, congrats on your new project Devesh :)
    I have been checking Blogpreneurs almost everyday looking for what you are going to bring to your new blog. Hope you will achive massive success!
    -Tung Tran

    • Hi Tung,

      That’s awesome to hear, man and I’m so glad to see you here.

      It’s been a while. How’s life treating you these days?

      • Tung Tran says:

        I’m doing quite well .I have to postpone my blogging career for few months because I’m busy studying for entrance examination for university :D. I will be back in mid July :D

        • Nice, glad to see you’re focusing on studies. I wish all the best for your entrance exam, Tung.

          Did you sold the PassiveIncomeDiary Blog?

          • Tung Tran says:

            Yes I have sold PID because of my studying and I’m also in need of money to invest in my new project :D.

  6. Hi Devesh
    Many congratulations on launching your new blog and on using the Genesis Balance theme – great choice, great theme.

    Some useful topics you are going to cover…
    “Social media marketing, General blogging, Internet Marketing, SEO, Business Blogging and a bit of WordPress. ”
    That’s just the sort of information that most bloggers need.

    Looks as though you have come a long way in three years and I look forward to following your posts.

    • Hi Keith,

      I’m so glad to see you here, man. I had a hard time choosing between genesis and thesis theme as I use both the frameworks, but finally I made the decision to go with Genesis theme.

      Thanks for coming here and leaving a comment. I appreciate the support.

      Have a great weekend, Keith.


      • Both great themes but I get the impression that Genesis are really working hard on their themes – works to our benefit.

        Looks as though you are building up a great community here.

        • +1 “Genesis are really working hard on their themes”

          I can totally see why Genesis Framework is fantastic. I don’t think I’m going to leave Genesis framework, anytime soon.

          Thanks again for the nice comment, keith :).


  7. Hi Dev,
    First of all I like you say you Best Of Luck For This Blog. I am hoping to get some extra knowledge from this blog.
    And can you please explain this statement? “There won’t be any advertisements or banner ads or text links” that you mentioned in your post?

    • Hi Ali,

      Definitely, we would do our best to deliver the awesome content. So make sure to subscribe the blog feeds.

      Regarding your question, I mean there won’t be ANY advertisements or banner ads or adsense on this blog. Our main focus is build a quality resource site for beginner & advance bloggers. This isn’t going to be just another blog about blogging or entrepreneurship.

      Thanks for stopping by, Ali. Have a great time.


  8. Hi Dev,

    Congratulations on this new blog! How exciting! I am sure that you will meet all of your goals and that this will become a highly valuable resource! I’m going to add this to my feed and sign up for the newsletter.


    • Hi Stacy,

      So glad to see you here, girl. I’m very excited about the launch and now working hard to share the quality content with bloggers like you.

      That’s fantastic to hear, though I’m yet to add a email newsletter. I’m thinking of going either with Aweber or mailchimp. It seems you’re using mailchimp, how’s your experience with it?

      Thanks for the nice comment, stacy. Enjoy your rest of the weekend.


      • I noticed that it was a daily email for posts when I signed up! :) I like mailchimp, I still have a pretty small list though. I’ve tried several free options and it is by far the best. I love that I have a lot of freedom with the design and I’ve never had any problems using words like free. When it gets bigger I am most likely going to switch to Aweber.

        • Thanks for the info on Mailchimp Stacy.
          It really is something that I have to get started with.

        • Thanks for taking time to share the useful info, here. I don’t know many people who use Mailchimp, but I’ve seen it’s being used by some well known brands.

          I will give it a try and see how it works.

          Thanks again – for stopping by, stacy.

  9. Hey Dev,

    Looking good man!

    I’m excited that you started a new project and with no doubt this is going to be as successful as your prior works.

    Take care and keep on pushing forward! ;-)


    PS. LOVED the site looks!

    • Hey Sergio,

      I am so glad to see you here, man. I am going to give my best shot to this project.

      Thanks for the kind words on the design, bud. I had a hard time choosing between Thesis & Genesis, but finally I made the decision to go with Genesis Theme.

      I think the design industry has changed a LOT. Remember the days when people have to pay thousands of dollars for getting a custom design and now – you can easily get a good looking design for less then $100.

      Once again – Thanks for the nice comment, Sergio. Have a great time and keep up the rocking work on your blog.


  10. Hey Dev – if you are going to compete with FamousBloggers – I look forward to it. You probably know a while back they had a competition and I entered really not knowing what I was doing but it was a really great experience.

    Looking forward to seeing what you have in store.

    Talk to you soon!

    • Hey Linda,

      Thanks for coming over here and leaving a comment. We will be launching an similar contest here at BlogPreneurs, in the coming weeks.

      Btw. – I finally installed the commentluv plugin, thanks for the kick.


  11. Devesh,

    Another new blog/internet project. As always you continue to impress! I look forward to seeing more of this.

    Keep rocking it man!


    • Hey Steve,

      Thanks for coming over here and leaving a comment. I appreciate your great support.

      Have a great day.

      PS. You’re doing fantastic work on your blog, bud.


  12. First of all, a very big best of luck dev. I am glad that I have work with you man. Hope you will get the success soon. Keep it up :)

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